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Here are the instructions for complying rrdtool version 1.3.6 with AIX6.1.

cd /download/directory/rrdtool-1.3.6

./configure \
--prefix=/opt/freeware \
--enable-perl-site-install \
--disable-ruby \
--disable-tcl \
--disable-python \
--disable-rrdcgi \
--disable-static \
--disable-pthread \
--disable-libintl \


# Will fail with: Error regarding __jmpbuf.

vi . /src/pngsize.c

# Find this section of the code:

/* this is to make compile on aix work since they seem to define jmpbuf
to be _jmpbuf which breaks compilation */

# Then add the following three lines:

#ifdef jmpbuf
#undef jmpbuf


# Will fail again with:
LD_RUN_PATH="" ld -bhalt:4 -bM:SRE -bI:/usr/opt/perl5/lib/5.8.2/aix-thread-multi/CORE/perl.exp -bE:RRDs.exp -bnoentry -lpthreads -lc_r RRDs.o -L../../src/.libs/ -Wl,-blibpath:/opt/freeware/lib -lrrd -o blib/arch/auto/RRDs/
ld: 0706-012 The -W flag is not recognized.
ld: 0706-006 Cannot find or open library file: -l ,-blibpath:/opt/freeware/lib
ld:open(): No such file or directory

cd ./bindings/perl-shared
export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/vac/bin
perl Makefile.PL LINKTYPE=static

cd ../..

make install