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Demo Website for pSeries Configuration and Performance Graphs.

Here you will find a working demo of the pSeries configuration, performance and trending website I am currently developing.

This tool is similar to the nmon2rrd and lpar2rrd tools, just improved. It gives you all the performance statistics that you need, plus it includes all the pSeries profile configurations including disk mappings and network configuations.

The only part of this demo that "currently" does not work is the ability to look at graphs based on a specific date and time. To fix this, I need to convert my rrd data based in to mysql and update the php, which is on my list of enhancement to make for a future release.

Over the coming weeks, I will be publishing the source code for this demo website so others who use AIX and pSeries will be able to display web based details for thier servers.

Please feel free to send me any feedback, comments or sugestions for improvement. Thanks.

Latest Update: Check out the disk mappings for pSeries mel570 and LPARs meldb05, meldb06, meldb07, meldb08 and meldb09. They now have NPIV disks mapped to these host and we now identify these correctly and display the fibre adapter mappings. The scripts now identify internal SAS disks correctly too.